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Its okay

Not what I expected I thought it would be like a normal tuner radio but no it auto tunes the radio stations for you. The description needs to be more specific. Asking for a refund


Interface is beautiful and simple. Icon fits perfectly on my homescreen.


Verry nice

Misleading app

So for the stations I needed, it is just an endless stream of commercials. No baseball game.. Dont waste your money, this app is garbage, and that is where it will end up should you purchase it.


It works perfectly. It also would be more awesome if there was a night mode because this app blinds me at night

Works great!

Connects much more quickly to stations than other radio apps and without the unnecessary commercials

Nest radiowo- realny!

Perfect speed perfect simple design! That is what theyre really appreciate! But I miss just one thing: possibility of recording... Please think about it: trusting one more red button.

Doesnt do as promised

This is not a simple radio tuner, which was what I was hoping for. It basically does what all the free apps do but does it in a more sneaky manner. I regret wasting 2 dollars for an app I immediately deleted.

Best radio ever

Fantastic speed, accuracy and design. Can easily find my favourites stations. Well done!

Crashing on iPhone 6, latest version iOS 02.02.16

Crashing on iPhone 6, latest version iOS 02.02.16

Excellent app

I have been using this app to listen to radio from where Im from and it is perfect. The app does not crash and you can listen to live radio. I absolutely recommend this app for radio lovers.

Had to reinstall after update

so after updating and the app completely crashing as soon as I opened it, I wrote a review. now I am amending to say that I deleted and reinstalled and it seems to be working fine again. lost all my favorite bookmarked stations though.


Great app! Still no iPad version though..


Great App!

Be informed:

I wasted my money because I did not realize this app is NOT a local radio tuner and, furthermore, that the iPhone is incapable of receiving over the air broadcasts (even though it does have an internal chip that could if modified.) This app merely streams participating station feeds using the web.


Crystal clear radio from other countries...what a great language learning tool!

Listen to local radio stations

I have been looking for ways to listen to local radio stations on a Bluetooth speaker (UE Boom). This app does just that. Great design.

Just What I Wanted

Thank you. This app is just what I wanted. A simple radio tuner with a classic tuner wheel. No curated station here. Intuitive and easy to use. Plays in the background while Im doing other things on my phone. Perfect.

Great app

This is a great app. I listen to it all the time while at work. I catch up on my favorite teams on my favorite stations.

Horrible waste of money

Could not get my local stations. Deleted app after two minutes

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